We are committed to health and safety during COVID-19 See More close

We are committed to health and safety during COVID-19

To meet the physical, health and hygiene needs of our community has always been a focal point, ever since CoBAC was in its idea stages. We stayed true to these priorities throughout CoBAC's development. We knew that to elicit trust and an ease of mind amongst the people working, creating, sharing at CoBAC, we first needed to provide the conditions that would build this trust. 

We house over 600m2 of open-air space in total between our terrace and two main balconies. We also created a total of 1500 m2 of shared space in our facilty to provide ample room to move around, to claim enough personal space and to feel an ease of mind. We introduced fresh air ventilation systems that renew our entire indoor air every 8 minutes. We installed floor heating to ensure heating comfort and stabilization. We added windows that open to all of our shared coworking spaces and private offices. We also added a windowed gallery space that provides direct sunlight to our entire building. 

Our COVID-19 Precautions:

1. Limited Occupancy

We prioritized safe, personal space for all of our members and reduced our standard 420 person capacity to 140.

2. Fresh Air Ventilation

We set up 9 ventilation operators with a total power of 35,000m3, giving us the power the renew the entire air indoors 7 times an hour. In other words, the air in CoBAC is 100% renewed every 8 minutes.

3. Temperature Screening

Every CoBAC community member and employees accessing our space will be required to have taken their temperature taken upon entry.

5. Mandatory Mask Protocol

Mask use at CoBAC is mandatory at all times.

6. Frequent Sanitization of Shared Spaces (30 min)

Shared spaces, all door handles and areas of contact are sanitized every 30 minutes. 

7. Enhanced Social Distance Measures

We assist all our members to ensure compliance with social distancing, safety and hygiene protocols. 

8. Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms house a limited capacity under our COVID-19 protocol.
We allocate 90 minute sanitization period between every meeting. 
Access to meeting rooms is removed 30 minutes before each meeting to run the indoors ventilation systems.

9. Services and Catering

We provide table service at all times, removing self-service for any shared facilities and stations.
We provide single-use paper cups.