Hello world,
this is CoBAC!

Develop new projects, discover new ideas, find your new partner, or just take a coffee break by the Golden Horn. This is CoBAC.

A place for rest, for work, and to take in the view.

Leave plazas behind, and claim your spot before Istanbul's best view. Work by yourself, or find people to connect with. Your choice.

Measures that make working together better

We also missed being together, the conversations over lunch breaks, the impromptu coffee dates. And we're working meticulously to relive these experiences with an ease of mind.

A social bridge in Eminönü between art, business and culture

CoBAC is a coworking space for people whose work touches the world, people who take their ideas wherever they go.

We do our best to bring such people together, to provide ideal working conditions with the services, resources and facilities your business needs to grow - all for a community that connects and creates together.

Membership Options

Want to share a desk with our community, or do you prefer your own space to work? Let's find the best membership option for you.
01 Private Office
02 Dedicated Desk
03 Hot Desks
04 Flexible Membership (Hot Desk)
05 Virtual Office
06 MeetBAC

Private Office

Office solutions for teams of 4 to 9 who need their private working area. We provide the fixed assets from the desks, the chairs and the lighting. You'll provide the special something to bring these offices to life.
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Dedicated Desk

Your personal desk in a space you'll share with the CoBAC community.
Ideal for those who don't prefer to work by themselves, but like to claim a spot for their own. All the perks of having your own setup, with the excitement of working in a community. 
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Hot Desks

Ideal for those who want to stay connected at all times. Sit wherever you want, whenever you want - that's what these desks are all about.
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Flexible Membership
(Hot Desk)

25, 50 or 100 day Hot Desk passes that you can purhase once and use all throughout the year.
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Virtual Office

Have your business listed at CoBAC, but work wherever.
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CoBAC Together Meeting Room


MeetBAC is a special membership model for those who don't need an office actively but need a meeting room for different reasons.
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Just the office solution
you had in mind

Everything to support you as you create, all within reach.
Easy Transportation
7/24 Security
Daily Cleaning
Complimentary Hot/Cold Beverages
Opening Windows
4K TV/Monitor
Meet-up Conference System
Sound System
100% Fresh Ventilation
Secure Printers
High-speed Internet
Post and Courier Handling
Mother-Child Room
CoBAC Terrace
IT Support
Secure Lockers
Metro Ethernet
Okamura Work Chairs
Common Garden
Game Room
Private Phone Booths
Healthy Snacks
Meeting Rooms
Uninterrupted Power Source
Members-only Portal
VoIP Phone Lines
Floor Heating
Members-only Workshops
Satellite Broadcasting

Create, innovate, or find
something to invigorate yourself

We work to bring our community closer, to inspire and to create platforms to showcase your talents.
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CoBAC Stage
A stage to share your thoughts, to showcase your skills. We're an eager audience, so let us know when you're ready.
2 / 3
Pending Talent
Let us know what you do best, and we'll let our community in on your talents. We do have a lot of friends, one will definitely need your help.
3 / 3
Little Workshops for Big People
Sometimes we get too lost in how serious the adult world gets and need a reminder to enjoy ourselves like kids. These workshops are those reminders.

CoBAC Journal

10 Effective Steps to Transform Your Work Life

Today's business world is constantly evolving. Rapidly evolving technology, cultural dynamics, and competitive conditions require individuals and organizations to adapt in order to survive and thrive in the workplace. In this dynamic environment, we will discuss the steps that need to be taken to positively transform work life. These 10 effective steps will also serve as a guide for anyone looking to enhance the quality of their work life and achieve a satisfying work experience.

Time Management Strategies When Working Remote

Remote work is becoming increasingly common in the modern business world, where flexible work arrangements are on the rise. While remote work promises flexibility and freedom, it also requires prioritizing time management. Effectively managing time is a key factor for success for remote workers... Let's explore time management strategies that can be applied during remote work.

Coworking Trend-Compatible Career Options

Today's business world is evolving towards a flexible, dynamic, and collaborative structure. With this change, coworking spaces, which replace traditional offices, offer a solution for professionals from different sectors to come together in a shared working atmosphere. Flexible working hours, modern infrastructure, and a wide professional network make coworking spaces indispensable for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and various professional groups. Let's explore career options that are suitable for effective work in coworking spaces together.

How to Maintain Motivation While Working in Shared Offices?

In today's business world, traditional office environments are increasingly being replaced by shared workspaces. These next-generation workspaces are becoming an attractive option for freelancers, professionals from different sectors, and small businesses. Shared offices offer flexibility and freedom to workers while also fostering collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

The Impact of Coworking Spaces on People

The traditional office concept is expanding its boundaries, opening the doors to a new era in the business world. Going beyond physical spaces, the office concept is defined not only as places with coffee machines, printers, and swivel chairs but also as intersections of energy sharing and idea flow.

How to Create Creative Collaborations in Coworking Spaces

Independent entrepreneurs, large companies, and many professionals prefer shared office spaces to sustain their businesses and develop their projects. But are coworking spaces just about a desk and a chair? Of course not. The real power of coworking spaces lies in the connections established between individuals with different talents and creative collaborations.

Ideal Working Environment for Freelancers: Shared Offices

The freelance working model is becoming increasingly popular, with many professionals opting to pursue their careers independently. However, the challenges and feelings of isolation that come with working from home are prompting freelancers to seek more effective and productive working environments. In response to these needs, shared workspaces and coworking offices offer an ideal solution for freelancers. So why do shared offices create the most suitable working environment? Let's examine together.

Virtual Office Solutions for New Companies

The excitement of starting a new business is an unforgettable experience for every entrepreneur. However, this process may involve the traditional approach of leasing an office, purchasing equipment and hiring staff, leading to additional financial burdens for business owners. This is precisely where virtual offices come into play, and in this article, we will explore why this solution is appealing for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Remote Working Spaces: Tips to Boost Your Work Productivity

Remote working is becoming an increasingly preferred working model in the modern business world. The habits of working styles that have evolved with the pandemic, technological advancements and globalization are increasing the need for businesses to provide flexibility to their employees.

Top 5 Entrepreneurs In The 21st Century

If we consider the large and small-scale crises that the world economy has been through in recent years, ‘entrepreneurship’ arouses curiosity in all of us, both as a concept and with real examples. An entrepreneur includes his talents in the process as well as presenting a good or service. He is not afraid of change itself; on the contrary, he becomes a pioneer in the story of the new and unknown.

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