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How Has the Pandemic Increased the Need for Coworking Spaces?

After a couple of months of remote work during Covid-19, it has been crystal clear that these areas are in a transformation into safe desks, distancing workplaces and becoming a safe point for professional connections.
CoBAC Team
During the pandemic, we experienced fundamental changes in many common areas of work. Before the pandemic, interest in co-working spaces and remote work had already seen an increase, but it was argued that by the time the Covid-19 kicked in, the demand for coworking spaces had seen a decrease. However, after a couple of months of remote work, it has been crystal clear that these areas are in a transformation into safe desks, distancing workplaces and becoming a safe point for professional connections.

The Need for Coworking Spaces is Getting More Apparent 

Collaborative spaces have become much easier to adapt to the new normal in smart and creative ways. While continuing to adopt remote work, many companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Koç Holding have increased the need for co-working areas by opting for forever WFH policies.

According to a report published by MIT in April 2020, 34% of Americans who had commuted before continue this process from home. Before the pandemic, the number of remote workers was 4%, while Global Workplace Analytics chief Kate Lister estimates that 30% of employees will want to continue the remote working model in the future. According to Lister, people who are familiar with remote work will want to continue with this mode of work. During the pandemic period, employers have removed doubts about running business outside of the workplace and proved that working remotely works. The pandemic related quarantine will of course end eventually, but this may not signal a return to the traditional office.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong describes his new approach as "one floor in ten cities instead of ten floors in a city".
"Enter new and improved co-working spaces: The perfect solution for companies that need multiple locations with flexible layouts. Collaboration can be successful again as companies are forced to restructure and reorganize their finances."

Could Coworking Spaces Provide a Safe Environment?

A recent survey study by HubbleHQ highlights that increased hygiene measures are a critical point for employees to feel comfortable in these areas again. He says daily antiviral spraying with detailed cleaning protocols is the most popular and possible measure to secure common work areas. Mandatory hand washing, easily supplied masks and disinfectants follow the list as other elements that ensure the safety procedures are in effect.

During the pandemic period, a safe environment makes it possible by providing clean and disinfected areas. When we look at the past, we see the issue of cleaning as an element that remained in the background unless human occupation was in question. Today, it is possible to say that visible cleaning has become a necessity for employees to feel safe and comfortable in the common area.

What are the Real Benefits of Coworking Spaces?

One of the most important benefits of coworking spaces was the interaction and creating a sense of community similar to the pre-pandemic period. Coworking areas are being re-arranged in a way to fulfill this need. Producing together, inspiring together and being close to different fields of work... This is exactly what you want to present as part of the CoBAC family in the heart of Istanbul, Haliç! A space where you can develop your business, a world where you can discover new ideas and a bridge where you can cross paths with your future business partner. While being close to the culture, art and business world, this is a place where you can breathe the Golden Horn air in a coffee break.

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