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The rapidly growing numbers of podcast streamers both in Turkey and worldwide indicate that habits are changing towards a podcast culture.
CoBAC Team
Podcasts have become popular in recent years in Turkey, and they are mostly one of the publishing models where you create a range of content in related fields. Overtaking the TV industry and bringing a new perspective to radio broadcasting, podcasts are essentially digital audio or video broadcasts. The debut story is based on the word pod (small capsule) in Apple's MP3 music and media player iPod and the abbreviation of the word broadcast in 2000. In this type of broadcasting, broadcasters can express their opinions openly, create chat programs, or cover different topics as in other digital media. Contents in many categories from the business world to entrepreneurship, from marketing to travel, from psychology to history are frequently observed in the podcast environment.

Besides being suitable for many content producers, the audience can access podcasts via smartphone or computer. These contents can be watched or listened to at any time, on any device. Common accessible applications include Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes Podcast, OneCast, and DownCast Podcast.

According to data shared by Edison Research, the number of podcast listeners worldwide is reaching 90 million per month as of March 2021. While these rapidly growing numbers both in Turkey and worldwide indicate that habits are changing towards that media, downsizing in the media sector is also noteworthy. Newspapers are closing down, magazines are getting smaller, or trying to have a new living space online. Brands trying to continue their broadcasts with independent broadcasting tools catch the listeners’ attention with the best podcast, especially without being exposed to advertisements. Do you think it is possible to start podcast broadcasting today, where communication and information distribution is so clear?

When answering this question, it is necessary to think carefully about an important point. Podcast broadcasts are regular and require enough time and overtime to be broadcast on a certain day each week. Quality content can be preferred by those who want to feed on ideas/knowledge, want to be inspired, or wish to spend the day more enjoyable. Another point is that the topic you want to talk about is sustainable. The subject and theme you set should be an area where you believe and talk passionately, and if there are opinion leaders who can accompany your content, they should also be able to talk about it. When you get to this point, all you have to do is create your podcast with a sufficient budget. The podcast room within CoBAC Workspace is your biggest supporter in this regard. High-quality audio equipment and a room with a capacity of 4 people, where you can freely spread your ideas, are ready for recording. If you are wondering what audio recording equipment is, the following are included:

Microphone and Audio/MIDI Interface: BEHRINGER UMC204HD

Headset: BEHRINGER HPM1000

6-Channel Headphone Amplifier: BEHRINGER HA6000

This is a room where you can produce and share what others produce with professional sound recording equipment, sound insulation, monitor layout, and wall board panels. In short, everything you would expect from a podcast room is organized right here for you.

To start your podcast journey from anywhere, you can send an email to [email protected] or create a quick reservation here.

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