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Co-Working Areas Become Your New Workspace

With the year 2021, a remote working system and the use of coworking spaces became a driving force for businesses.
CoBAC Team
While shared offices and common working areas have been among the trends that have progressed slowly in recent years, the balances have changed considerably with the year 2020. Since many companies cannot maintain the working environment within their own structure, they have adapted to the home working system without resisting change. Seeing that there is no change in the dynamics of the existing system with the operation of the home working system and the system continues, the brands adopted the principle of remote working. Although online meetings do not give the full pleasure of being together on topics such as meeting, co-production, brainstorming, we can say that things are well on the way. Those who sometimes miss being together and want to get out of the home environment and nourish the atmosphere around them have discovered shared offices. In fact, these workspaces have been the favorite of freelancers and those who come out in the field of comfort for a long time. With the year 2021, it became really precious for brands that set the remote working system.

Changing trends and growing interest are covered in the Global Coworking Survey 2020. The research, which supports co-production in more productive areas in the collaborative industry, announced its successful research last year by analyzing the collaborative work areas with numbers.

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According to the research, the number of collaborative areas around the world is around 20,000. This number is expected to exceed 40,000 in 2024.

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Coworking areas, which achieved an increase of 158% compared to 2020, are predicted to be preferred by approximately 5 million people by 2024.

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When we look at the trends in coworking areas around the world, we see that the United States is the largest market leader. There are 3,700 shared workspaces across the country, and it is followed by India (2,197 co-workspaces) and the United Kingdom (1,044 co-workspaces). We can say that after the United States and Canada, which are the biggest markets in terms of annual growth in 2020, Germany and India follow.

Shared by the Global Coworking Survey, the chart below shows the top 20 countries by the number of co-working spaces and their corresponding share in all areas worldwide.

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When we look at the list that Turkey is developing a new generation of studies on this issue and in the field who can say that trends worldwide interest in the capture phase. We believe that common working areas will transform into new working areas and inspire us to produce together.

Source: Global Coworking Survey

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