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Virtual Office Solutions for New Companies

The excitement of starting a new business is an unforgettable experience for every entrepreneur. However, this process may involve the traditional approach of leasing an office, purchasing equipment and hiring staff, leading to additional financial burdens for business owners. This is precisely where virtual offices come into play, and in this article, we will explore why this solution is appealing for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

High Growth Potential in the Virtual Office Market

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* Virtual Office Market: Size, Dynamics, Regional Insights and Market Segment Analysis, 2022.

Why Should a Virtual Office Be Preferred?

According to the Turkish Commercial Code, it is necessary to determine a legal business address when establishing a company. Everyone considering opening a business is expected to provide this legal business address. However, considering the recent increase in workplace rental costs, the costs associated with this requirement can significantly escalate. Virtual offices emerge as a more economical business model that does not require physical office usage and only provides a legal business address.

Who is Suitable for a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices offer an excellent option to meet the needs of various professional groups. Especially suitable for e-commerce businesses, entrepreneurs who do not require a physical office when establishing their businesses, freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone who does not need a regular office presence, the virtual office model emerges as an extremely convenient solution.

Everyone Has the Same Question: "Is a Virtual Office Legal?"

Virtual offices provide completely legal and valid addresses that can be registered as businesses' legal addresses and accepted by the tax office and official institutions. As there is no restrictive definition regarding business addresses in the Turkish Commercial Code, virtual offices are legally recognized in our country.

Why is a Virtual Office Address Important?

Having a business address in areas where many different businesses operate in city centers adds prestige to businesses and positively influences marketing efforts. The address of your business provides the first impression to customers and business partners, and a prestigious business address creates the impression that your business is reliable and professional.

What are the Advantages of Virtual Offices?

Cost Savings

Leasing a traditional office, purchasing office equipment, and hiring staff incur expenses. Virtual offices significantly reduce these financial burdens. Without contributing to operational costs such as rent, electricity, water and cleaning, you can make your capital more sustainable.

Improved Work-Life Balance

You can design your own work schedule and work from anywhere, allowing you to better manage your time.

Better Access to Talent

Virtual offices enable you to hire employees from anywhere in the world and join a global professional network. This makes it easier for you to find the best talent for your company.

Risk-Free and Efficient Work

With the virtual office model, you can focus on your work rather than worrying about details related to the office. By working anywhere and in any way you prefer, you can achieve productivity through flexible working arrangements.


Virtual office services can be adjusted according to the needs of your business. You can choose specific services, such as renting a physical office space and meeting rooms only for your meetings.

Virtual Office Experience with CoBAC

If you are looking for more flexibility, lower costs, and the opportunity to enhance the prestige of your business, CoBAC virtual office services are perfect for you! With features such as 3 hours of meeting room usage per month, 3 days of shared space usage per month, support services like financial consulting, legal advice, company establishment, as well as a range of events, networking, and collaboration opportunities, you can further boost the success of your business.

Shape the future of your business with CoBAC. If you want CoBAC to be your legal address, you can contact us now and experience the privileged virtual office experience offered by CoBAC!

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