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The 5 Benefits of a Shared Office Space

The trend of transition to shared office in the post-Covid world continues to rise. Here are the 5 most important reasons for this increase.
CoBAC Team
When we talk about the workspace environment, the first image that comes to mind has changed significantly over the last year. While many of us consider working from home as a temporary solution, we have also realized the importance of getting together physically due to human nature.

Shared offices have become more common as traditional office plans became more expensive and also the nature of the business changed. Shared offices now offer much more flexibility in terms of technology, location, and communication.

In a post-Uber world where real estate and service sharing has become synonymous with maximizing benefits and minimizing expenses; shared offices are like an Airbnb for workplaces, allowing business owners to pay on the go and change their plans as needed.

The trend of transition to shared office in the post-Covid world continues to rise. Here are the 5 most important reasons for this increase:

1. Increases Productivity

While most businesses continue to work remotely, shared office spaces provide a common goal for business, a routine place for meetings, and a habit to get things done. A shared office space motivates people to go out, network with others, and focus on business priorities, rather than sleeping at home or being distracted in a cafe. The environments of shared offices can vary from a busy background to complete silence, depending on the way they do business.

2. Flexible Routines and Schedules

Everyone has their own work routine. Some like to go to work before everyone else and leave early in the afternoon, others are night owls and prefer to work late into the evening. If you visit shared offices, you may notice people work in different schedules. Whatever your role or routine, coworking spaces are open as long as you have an ID card and allow you to set your own schedules.

3. Better Communication

Communication issues still persist among remote teams. What is the best time for the status meetings? When are employees most productive? With a single shared office space, team members can ask each other questions across the desk or room, and thus eliminate downtime from unread emails and missed calls. Whiteboards on walls and tables also offer a visual way to collaborate. However, if you are looking for a more traditional setup, you can also opt for meeting rooms.

4. Snacks, Beverages and Office Equipment

Most of us need light snacks or a bowl of yogurt to ease our busy workdays. Others may want to have a happy hour after a long meeting. At home or elsewhere, these may cost extra, but in our shared office spaces these are included in the membership fee. You can find such advantages at CoBAC.

5. Networking and Business Opportunities

Perhaps the biggest benefit of common office space? The community. Each participant becomes part of a vast network of marketers, accountants, entrepreneurs, creators, artists and students. You can meet other participants at network events and improve your equipment, or meet investors for new business opportunities. Your next intern, business partner or client might be right across from your private office.

Ready to book a tour? For more information on how to rent a shared office space, visit CoBAC.

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